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Frightening Food for Halloween

Family-Friendly “Frightening” Foods for Halloween

We’ve been cruising the internet and finding some awesome finger foods. Halloween offers great ways to be creative and entice new flavors to kids. Some are absolutely outrageous, some simple and tasty.

Check out these cool sites and remember these are suggested recipes and we are note responsible for the outcomes or have any direct connection to each website owner.

Baby Boo-nanas

Here’s one of the cutest little treats that toddlers will even enjoy.  With Halloween coming

Choco-covered Bananas

Little Baby Ghosts on a Stick are dipped bananas

soon, I thought I would share these cute, ghost-shaped Frozen “Boo”-nana Pops made with white chocolate and bananas. This is fun to make with the kids and what kid doesn’t like chocolate covered bananas.

Jack-O-Lanterns from Grapefruits

Every party needs a candy dish or simple way to share sticky foods,so you just disguise a grapefruit into a mini-pumpkin posed as a “jack-o-lantern”, so clever.

Grapefruit cups

Tiny Jack-o-Lanterns are made from grapefruit

Check out the carving details at their website for more non-traditional ideas, too.

You Can Eat Spiders!!

Yes, you can. A simple treat that youngsters can assemble as long as they don’t eat all the legs first. Round candies make the eyes on a chocolate donut body with pretzel legs.


Spider Donuts

Donuts with pretzel legs turn into spiders


One time I made a cemetery by using cottage cheese with green food coloring, vanilla wafers standing and tilting as headstones, and broccoli for trees. Nobody ate it.





Here’s Looking at You!!

Eyeballs are another treat that could backfire on your frightening foods creative adventure. By using food coloring or avocado in the stuffing, your teens will love the ghoulishness of it, but maybe not the adults. Try it out!

Halloween eyeball goodies

Creepy eyeballs staring back at you!! Ghoulish eyeballs anyone?  another source of creative holiday foods

Crazy Critters

I found these silly green apple bites to be the most clever and healthy for little tots. They get to munch on apples, pumpkin seeds, strawberries, peanut butter or “sun butter” is the glue and the eyes are confectioner’s sugar, or you can use some tubed frosting.

silly apple faces

Clever and silly apple critters

Find these silly apple bites at

And here’s some more resources you can checkout about safety when your little goblins are on the streets.    Traveling around the neighborhood with your ghoulish goblins? Here’s some interesting stats and resources about Halloween Safety:

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