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Why Do So Many Commerce Sites Have a Blog?


If you are new to blogging, and wonder why it’s a necessary tool, I’ll help you see the other side of blogging – the one you really need to help keep your potential customers returning to your site.

The environment of Internet commerce is based on being informative about your business, helpful with access to resources you can provide, and a place they can trust to return to for more products or services.

No one wants a “one-time” customer. We all want repeat business. But with the Internet letting shoppers wander all over the nation (and the world for that matter) it’s a struggle to compete with millions of sites. Blogging breaks down barriers and makes you more personable – more reachable. Besides, blogging is lots of fun, it’s also a great marketing and “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) strategy.  199 – Buy now »

Why blog on a Commercial website?

Inform your audience about you and your products

Blogging is a great way to inform your audience about your product, about yourself, and your company. In a blog post, you can show how to use a product and why people should buy it.  And you’ll be able to tell the story of your products from your perspective. If you’re an author selling your books on your site, a blog about writing and your passion for detail, for instance, is a great idea.

Stay “top of mind”

It’s a simple way of saying: “You want your audience to remember you, even when they’re not going to buy anything just now.” If you blog regularly and post on social media outlets, you’ll stay top of mind of your audience. If a visitor marks one of your posts on how to write a novel, for instance, this visitor may not immediately want to tackle that job now, but might consider you as an expert for later. They visit and read what you have to share. They get to know you and your eCommerce site through your posts. They may even contact you with questions through their email. That way, you increase your chance of a prospective new writer needing your products and services.

Blogging is a great SEO strategy

Nurturing and maintaining a blog contributes to SEO as well. Every time you write a new blogpost, you’re adding fresh content, which Google searches like. You will learn how to title your posts to increase better searches. Keywords will affect the type of searches that are inside your post. In addition to that, maintaining a blog will train your brain to start writing “related” content to those keywords in which you’d like to rank.

Practical tips for your blog on an Commerce site

What to blog about?

A strong way to decide what ideas will work for blog posts is by referring and writing about topics that you find in other blogs you enjoy reading. Follow a circle of friends and bloggers who might let you share a guest blog or make an informed comment. Keep an eye on different sites, and write posts in which you incorporate your views in your niche.

Those ideas are a springboard of a collection of common themed-words that will be your keywords. These keywords should be leading when you choose what to blog about. A keyword, however, is not a topic yet. You need an angle, a story around such a keyword.

Another way to get ideas is to invite your audience to leave comments on your blog. It may take a while to get them, but you could receive some questions or feedback that are excellent starters for your next post. If you write what is interesting to them, they will follow your string of comments, helping you define the keywords you need.

Your Blog Needs Nurturing

Make a Schedule so You Won’t Neglect Your Blog

Another factor for a new blogger is to keep up with a regular writing schedule. If you watch the grocery papers to find coupons, it becomes a routine. Same with a blog for your regular readers. They expect to see what you are offering each week. It’s recommended that you post once a week to nurture your visitors. One day they will make a decision that points to your expertise. You’ll have a new customer — one that will most likely become a loyal returning customer!

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