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Day Trip Fun on April Fool’s in the High Desert

Day Trip to the High Desert

Wondering what you can do for a day trip on April Fool’s Day in Southern California’s high desert this year? Consider a visit to the California Institute of Earth Architecture in Hesperia. Attend a SuperAdobe open house. 

What is a SuperAdobe?

The SuperAdobe is a type of building with the use of sandbags and barbed wire. The dome’s architecture is strong enough to withstand an earthquake.

CalEarth’s SuperAdobe site (10177 Baldy LaneHesperia, CA, 92345) will be open at 10:00 am on April 1, 2017. No reservation is needed. A free site tour and lecture are available – and even a potluck lunch. Find out more at

High Desert Route 66 Bottle Tree Ranch

Route 66 Folk Art Bottle Tree Ranch

The Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, CA

When is the last time you went for a day trip of antique shopping and sightseeing out on High Desert Route 66?

Route 66 Bottle Tree Ranch

Get inspired for blogging a the Bottle Tree Ranch

If you’ve never stopped by Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch, it’s one of the most unique and fun sites to visit.

Recycling Wonder at Bottle Tree Ranch

Go early on your Route 66 trip and drive past the Bottle Tree Ranch to Molly Brown’s Country Cafe for an omelet breakfast. Don’t like eggs? No problem. Request an Eggless Veggie Omelet. It’s not on the menu, but you can tell them to add all the vegetables they normally serve with omelets – just leave the egg out. Very delicious!

Antique Shopping Day Trip on High Desert Route 66

Stop and shop in Oro Grande for vintage treasures after you leave the Bottle Tree Ranch. You’ll find antiques galore in fun shops like these stores:

There is a row of antique shops in Oro Grande and the Cross Eyed Cow Pizza, a great pizza and sandwich place.

High Desert Oro Grande, CA Pizza

Cross Eyed Cow Pizza

You can actually spend the whole day devoted to vintage shopping in Oro Grande and eating lunch while you’re there.

Of course, you may not have time to fit in the SuperAdobe visit, The Bottle Tree Ranch, and Oro Grande shopping all in one day. Since CalEarth’s event can take up a great part of the day, take your time to enjoy it. You’ll have the Route 66 sites to look forward to on your next High Desert day trip.

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