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Digital or Paperback?

Digital books may be easier for you to read because of convenience. But when is the last time you read an actual paperback or hardback book? Allow yourself the pleasure of spending an hour browsing in a bookstore. Notice the different sections instead of gravitating only to your favorite interest. 

So Cal’s High Desert has just the place for you to browse. It’s Hi Desert Book Oasis in Apple Valley, CA. Great prices! Pleasant place to shop!

When you visit Hi Desert Book Oasis, you’ll see a variety of topics, such as:

Hi Desert Book Oasis

Sci Fi/Fantasy

Hi Desert Books Oasis


Hi Desert Oasis Bookstore


The older a generation becomes, they usually start tapering off from following new trends or learning how to use new electronic gadgets. The younger generation, now the Millennials, on the other hand, are quick to purchase the newest technologies as soon as they are on sale.

Electronic books are enjoyed by all the generations. But there are times when reading a printed book is preferred over a digital. explains this well in the article, Milennials: Digital or Paperback Learners.

How to Find Time to Read

Hectic schedules can trick you into thinking you don’t have time to read. However, nothing should hinder you from enjoying books. The key is to plan. Write it down in your calendar. Set a timer for 30 minutes or an hour. Get up earlier and spend 20 minutes reading. Make it happen.

Holidays are ahead. Go buy a book to enjoy. Curl up in a comfy chair – and read.

What is your preference? Digital or physical book form? Share your thoughts in the comments if you have a moment.

Now Go Read a Book!

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