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Summer Frozen Treats by High Desert Community Food Bloggers’

Summer Frozen Recipes by High Desert Food Bloggers

July is the time for summer frozen treats! Popsicles have been “popping” up like crazy in blogs lately. And no wonder. Hot days call for cool refreshments for little kids and adults big kids.

summer frozen treats

Blueberries at the Farmers Market

Eating habits are learned from early in life, so that’s a good reason to train our children and grandchildren up with good nutritious food. Many adults live on fast food (and there are a number of good ones in the High Desert!) and prepare children toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and easy chicken nuggets and mac’n cheese for dinner – maybe a cookie for a night-time snack.

Food is a topic that interests everyone. It’s a natural instinct to want to eat. Just watch a baby who has been watching its family enjoy meals at the table daily. After a short time, the baby wants a share. Once a toddler tastes table food, watch out! If you go in the kitchen, he/she will follow you there to beg for more.

summer frozen treats

Strawberries at High Desert Farmers Market

What happened to natural organic vegetables and fruit? One of the best places in the High Desert to purchase them is at the Farmers Market (Did you know they are open every Thursday from 8:00 ’til 12:00 yearly?). Wherever you prefer to shop for fruits and vegetables, pick out a variety of fruit the next time you go and make colorful fruity popsicles.

You can make the yummiest popsicles for summer with fruit and yogurt. Make them with colorful popsicle sets or sticks. However, be sure to buy the right kind. See Patty Cake’s Pantry’s article  about using the correct type of popsicle sticks. Patty Cakes is a High Desert food blogger who writes about tasty, frugal, and nutritious meals.

summer frozen treats

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

Get creative by making your own recipes for your tots and grands. Recently, I purchased two colorful popsicle containers, one for my two little granddaughters. They loved them – and so did I. Try the Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle recipe from, my food blog.

Got a summer recipe you created? You can write about it and be published in High Desert Blogging. Contact us at for more details.

Cool Off with a Summer Frozen Treat


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