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Poetry – Write When Inspired and Enter Contests Inspite of Rejection

Poetry Inspiration

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Poetry Inspiration
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What inspires you to write poetry? Have you ever written a poem, entered it in a contest, and received a rejection?

Writing Poems and Entering Contests Means Facing Rejection

The poem “I Am Odd, I Am New” by an autistic boy expresses how most of us feel at times. We all have traits, quirks, or some aspect of ourselves that we wish we didn’t have. Become the best that you can be by using your knowledge and strengths. Learn the knack of laughing at yourself – comes in handy for those traits and quirks you don’t like. Make them a positive, not a negative.

When my mother died, the grief I went through was multiplied because I experienced three major losses within a year, including my mom and my mother-in-law. I missed Mother so terribly. She was an avid gardener, and that inspired me to start a garden. Often, I took a notebook and pen to the garden, sat on a bench, cried buckets of tears, and wrote poems to express the grief. I wasn’t a poet and didn’t know all the different types of poems.  I wrote simple stanzas about vegetables, fruit, and learning to grow a garden and even entered a poetry contest. No, I didn’t win a prize in the contest. Though I received a rejection notice, the writing exercise was therapeutic and helped me through the grieving process.

Benefits to Writing Poetry:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s therapeutic
  • It’s a way to learn something new
  • You can use poems as fillers in blog posts, newsletters, and newspapers
  • Enter poems in contests and possibly win a prize

The autistic young man expressed feelings about who he is. He dared to be vulnerable. That’s how I felt when I entered the poem that expressed my grief. The benefit for me was that it was therapeutic. But why stop there? Writers who blog – and who know how to write poetry – add to their list of writing strengths. Writing poetry can add another stream of cash flow.

What poem did you write that made you feel vulnerable or not confident with? We love to hear from our readers at Share your poetry experience with us in our comments section.

Now, go write that poem you’ve been thinking about!


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  1. May 19, 2016    

    Writing, whether poetry or stories, can be very therapeutic. I found the poem by the autistic boy to be intriguing. It’s amazing that he has such insight. Too bad “normal” people aren’t always that insightful.

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