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April is National Poetry Month

April 2016 is the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month! High Desert Blogging will be hosting a poetry contest later this month. If you’re a poet or interested in poetry, you are invited to participate in our contest. So stay tuned this month as we publish poems, articles about poetry, and features on poets and writers.

Looking for a writers group to learn how to write poetry, fiction, or nonfiction? There is a writers group, the High Desert branch of California Writers Club (HDCWC) that meets from 10:00 am until noon on the second Saturday of every month. Currently, they meet at the Community Church @ Jess Ranch, 11537 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Daily, in April, Poem in Your Pocket Day is celebrated by selecting a poem and sharing it various places you frequent like bookstores, coffee shops, writers clubs, blogs, and Twitter, etc. It’s a fun way to inspire others and to encourage or motivate yourself. Poem in Your Pocket Day will be officially celebrated on April 21. So at, we will celebrate this special poetry day in the High Desert’s Victor Valley community. Business owners can participate by offering discounts to those who are carrying poems. Help us get the word out.

We’ll start this off with the poem, “Why?” by H. P. Stevens, courtesy of the Public Domain Poetry website.


    By H. P. Stevens

Do you know why the rabbits are caught in the snare

        Or the tabby cat’s shot on the tiles?
Why the tigers and lions creep out of their lair?
Why an ostrich will travel for miles?
Do you know why a sane man will whimper and cry
And weep o’er a ribbon or glove?
Why a cook will put sugar for salt in a pie?
Do you know? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s Love.

Email your poem to for an opportunity to be published one day this month on




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  1. April 4, 2016    

    I didn’t know this was national poetry month. I’m anxious to learn about the poetry contest.

  2. April 8, 2016    

    The poetry contest is scheduled for later in the month. Also, poems can be submitted for publication this month on

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