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Blueberry Gardening in the High Desert

Grow a Blueberry Bush in Your Backyard

Blueberry Gardening

Blueberry Bush Photo Credits by Angie Horn


Did you know that you can grow blueberries in the high desert? They need acidic soil to be successful, and it helps if they are planted in pots.

Planting Tips

Helpful hints from these three websites will help you get started:

  • – Read the comment from “fruitnut” who had blueberry plants in the same 15-gallon pots for 6 years. This commenter has had excellent success, receiving 5-8 lbs yield per plant.
  • – This website advises planting Southern Highbush varieties.
  • – Good tips on growing blueberries in heat, cold, wind, and with critters

Two of my gardener friends have grown blueberries, one in Apple Valley and one in Hesperia. Their bushes have produced fairly. The friend in Hesperia believes she needs to plant hers in a larger pot than what it is in. The Apple Valley gardener has hers in the ground and thinks it needs a little more acidity.

Growing blueberries may not be something you want to tackle. Of course, you can always find them at the supermarkets. Or you can shop for them at the farmer’s market on Thursday mornings in Victorville.

Blueberry Benefits

Antioxidants, which we get from fresh fruits and vegetables, help prevent diseases. Blueberries have a high amount of antioxidants compared to other fruits. Other benefits include helping memory and several more that you can learn about at

Blueberries for your health

Rich Antioxidant BlueberriesPhoto Credit by Angie Horn

If you’ve been successful at growing blueberries, I’d like to hear your input on tips that could be of help.


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  1. March 29, 2016    

    I’ve never had much luck with growing things in containers during the hottest months of the year. The containers just seem to dry out with the 100+ degree temperatures. My soil is too alkaline for blueberries, but blackberries grow well in my yard. I love blackberries.

  2. Christina Brown's Gravatar Christina Brown
    May 19, 2017    

    We finally produced blueberries this year. Not very many. We will probably only end up with 40-50 total but we’ve never before got them to reach the berry phase after countless tries. We used an above ground garden this time and found success even though the bushes are quite small still. We use compost in our garden along with other miracle grow type soils. We are in Hesperia as well.

  3. June 8, 2017    

    Christina, that’s great! Do you make jam and jelly with your blueberries?

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