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High Desert Food Bloggers’ Traffic Generating Experiment

Traffic Generating Experiment VS

Community blogging comes alive when fellow bloggers connect to promote interests and events in the area in which they reside – and, yes, when they promote their blogs. What are the benefits of promoting a blog? Drive traffic to your blog, convert that traffic into leads, and make money blogging, to name a few benefits. Two High Desert bloggers joined efforts to promote their food blogs, and

Cookie Cutter Breakfasts

Egg Valentine Blog Post by

Fudge Hearts

Fudge Hearts Valentine Blog Post by

Both blogs are fairly new, and the bloggers decided to participate in a month-long experiment by scheduling regular quality content. You can learn more
about the experiment by reading the blog post, The Traffic Generating Experiment-Blog vs Blog.

Traffic Generating Contest Categories

The Traffic Generating experiment has been turned into a contest between the two High Desert food bloggers. Three categories determine how the winner will be selected:

1.  The site that has the most visits during the month of February

2.  The site with the most increased traffic during the month of February

3.  The blogger who does the best maintaining the schedule of their posts.

Traffic-Generating Experiment Mid-February Results

The two food bloggers agreed to publish an update mid-February on their success.  You can see the comparison between the two food blogs below.

  • December – 422 views
  • January – 584 views
  • Mid-February – 301 views

  • December – 142 views
  • January – 287 views
  • Mid-February – 158 views

Both blogs increased in traffic during January. Patty Cakes Pantry’s mid-February total views had more than half of views recorded in December. Kitchen Hospitality’s mid-February total views passed up December’s total views.

You are invited to follow the two food bloggers’ weekly posts and comment on what you like or suggestions on what you think could make their blogs more appealing. and bloggers will publish their February contest and traffic-generating experiment results on March 1st.

Would you like to see more how-to’s, tips, or specific recipes on and PattyCakesPantry? Let Patty Cakes and Kitchen Hospitality know in the comment section provided with this blog post.

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