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A New Feature This Season: DINER GUIDE-r

Your  favorite restaurant could be just down the street or clear across town. The list is growing as the “foodies” in the High Desert weigh in with their choices across the Internet and inside their favorite food blogs.

Same here. You can stop by and see some of the High Desert’s restaurants, cafes, diners, and out-of-the-way comfort food places — whoever knew grilled macaroni would become so iconic — just by checking out our Diner Guide-r.

But we can’t do it alone.

Let us know what your favorite place is to dine. We”ll be listing places to eat from drive-thrus to takeout to gourmet restaurants. We won’t be selecting any based our taste-buds — only by what we hear and read.

It will be a list of places you just gotta  try for yourself. If I were a gourmand, I’d be 600 pounds and not a nickel to my name. So we’re relying on you to share and be fair. Help us develop our Diner Guide-r. We might even have a few dining gift cards to  toss into a drawing.

To start the list:

Johnnie D’s has been around for over 30 years. There menu is mainstream American with a good variety of large portions on their dinner plates. Breakfast is a big draw as well. The place is just west of Apple Valley and Bear Valley roads. They offer selected menus for Seniors Over 55 so the restaurant is a favorite among the silver-haired crowd.

Johnnie D's near Home Depot

Johnnie D’s near Home Depot

Burger Depot

Burger Depot — for 36 years

While we’re thinking about great places, my granddaughter, stopped by to add her favorite spots to eat. One was Burger Depot, a little place with only a few tables, an efficient drive-thru, and their theme inside is the history of trains.

David and Karen Mount, the sole owners, have served Lucerne Valley customers for a little over 35 years. “The food is amazing,” my granddaughter says.

She’s quick to note that the other best place to eat in Lucerne Valley is Cafe 247, right at the intersection where Hwy 247 makes a turn northward. The menu has not only pizza and breakfast burritos with gravy, but it also has for a new addition jalapenos poppers.

In the Middle of Nowhere -- Cafe 247

In the Middle of Nowhere — Cafe 247

She says her dad loves them, but she won’t try them yet. “They’re hot!” The business is under new management since April, and the hours have changed for the winter. If you come out for the quiet ride into the desert, be sure to call ahead 760.248.6088.

Well, that’s enough to start the restaurant list. Let us know, in Comments below, what and where your favorite place to eat can be located.


Rusty LaGrange

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