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Last Minute Halloween Treats

All of us get overwhelmed with the events of life and find ourselves scurrying at the last minute to put together something to take to a Halloween Party or to feed guests that we invited over.  Sometimes, when the responsibilities of work take more time than they should,  I find myself at the last minute trying to hurry and put together something just for my family.

What follows are five simple ideas that I’ve found on the internet that I think can help solve the question of what can I make?  Warning:  I really like candy corn, so it may be unfairly featured here to the exclusion of other types of candy or food.

Harvest DecorThe first item in our roundup is a simple mixture of candy corn and nuts that I found  at Kitchen Hospitality. The combination is nearly addictive.  It can be placed on a table for guests to serve for themselves.

candy corn, a hug, and a pretzel make halloween candy.The next recipe is for a simple candy that ‘s great to make with your children because the ingredients are so simple to put together.  We found this combination of Candy Corn, Hugs, and Pretzels from Patty Cake’s Pantry, and it was a hit with everyone.

Monster mash snack mixHow about some Halloween themed snack mix?  Check out the recipe for Monster Mash Snack Mix at Our Three Peas.   This combination of treats is both delicious and scary. version of Monster Mash Snack Mix can be found  at In Katrina’s Kitchen.  This Monster Mash Snack Mix is composed of clusters.  They are delicious even if they look like melted chickens.

Ghosts in the Graveyard Image 1Lastly, I present my family’s favorite Halloween Dessert, Ghosts in the Graveyard.   The recipe can be found at  It goes by many different names.  Some people just refer to the recipe as mud, and as you may guess, mine is always topped with some candy corn, mallow creme pumpkins, and of course, cookie tomb stones.

We hope you enjoy this list of Last Minute Halloween Treats.  If you are looking for something a little healthier or with a little less sugar, try making the mud with sugar free Oreo type cookies and use sugar free pudding.  If you eschew artificial sweeteners and want more natural foods, check out our previous post A Healthy Twist on Halloween Treats.

Please leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Halloween Treats.

**Patti, the author of this post, in addition to guest blogging at, is a frequent contributor at, a website dedicated to helping people make healthy food choices.  It features recipes,  many of which are gluten and dairy free.  She can also be found at where she tries to limit her blogging to stocking a pantry, budgeting, and recipes.  She isn’t always successful. 

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