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4 Thoughts Before You Select Your Blog Template

Sometimes we can just dive into a project then try to figure out how it might work. That’s true in the Blogosphere when new bloggers want to be seen and are eager to hit the water, like a guy with a new surfboard.

Getting the Courage to Ride a New Wave

Getting the Courage to Ride a New Wave

The platform of WordPress has always said that they want you to have fun and be a part of a community of bloggers. So some templates are free so that you can dive right in without any major costs. It’s better to practice for free and invest later.

Once you’ve tested your blogger abilities with free templates, maybe you’ll want to shop for a template that offers more than the standard styles. Having an adaptive, responsive template and one with more capabilities to cross-platform with other devises, makes you wonder what else is out there.

Gain confidence with your first template selection, and ride it out

Gain confidence with your first template selection, and ride it out

Before you rush into purchasing your first up-graded template, consider these four aspects of your template and its use:

1) Make a list of action items that you’ll want your visitors to do on your web site. Are they coming to read your journal, shop at your store, ask for help with a service you can provide, or looking for information? Be sure the template you choose gives you the flexibility to accomplish what you need to make your visitors happy so they’ll return.

2) Dig deeper into the theme of the template to see if visitors were happy with their visit at other sites that use the same template or template company. Find out if the sales of this template is high on the rankings and has no steady stream of complaints. You can usually find those facts on the template’s details page. Also see if their support staff for the template is a good match. You’ll have questions about a more robust experience. If you can ask questions directly, you’ll learn more quickly .

Don't get distracted with bright , colorful, shiny things... stay on course

Don’t get distracted with bright , colorful, shiny things… stay on course

3) Don’t get distracted by shiny things. For me, I’ll admit that I can shop through pages and pages of templates, almost as much as shopping for home décor or shoes online. Will the template adjust to your needs, have widgets and menus that you like, tutorials, offer better maintenance, and regular up-grades. These things can be important later on.

4) Allow yourself some shopping time to compare other web sites in your industry. Do you really want to look like every surf shop on the shore? Have the fun of blogging and sharing information is the art of standing out. Whether it’s your writing, layouts, services, or satisfying long-term clients, the choices you make prior to purchasing a themed template for your business will help you avoid some pitfalls later.

Branding your business often has to do with what potential customers perceive as your “look” — so the best and most targeted template is your prime choice. However, if the price of the template is based on what it can do for you, then buying a template at rock bottom prices may not be the way to go.

Do a search for template companies that support WordPress, and from there you can narrow done the search to your industry or even color choices. Flexibility is key.


A surfer dude. Ready to take the next step and purchase a template?

A surfer dude. Ready to take the next step and purchase a template?

Consider the advantages of selecting a template with growth potential, professional look, expandable services, and ways to test your business strategies. Then if you find one that suits you, jump on the wave and surf it right to the beach.

But just as you are ready to take the first wave, also consider if a free template is more practical for now. Many online entrepreneurs, including bloggers, never see the need for a purchased template. At least, not until their potential has out grown the basic free template features.

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