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More Crafters Find New Customers at Santa Fe’s Craft Day

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

lthough the craft days with Santa Fe Trading Co. is over due to the excessive heat, crafters are always looking for new venues, shows, and cool places.


Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

At the last event there, April Bracy showed her handmade soaps and lotions and creams. This health trend is growing and “Garden of April” is producing and marketing with her booth at different locations this summer.

Presentation of products is important

Presentation of products is important

Her line of products have been carefully researched and tested prior to selling to the public. If you’d like to contact her about the products she makes go to or call (760) 963.4793.



Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

A regular vendor of quartz, crystal, gems, and unique stones are Janet and Mary Lou Flecher under the name of Lizzie Designs. Each time I run into them at Western events or craft fairs, their collection of gems are always fascinating. They carry the cabochons and beading findings for other crafters as well as large pendant crystals popular in statement jewelry.

Mary Lou’s artistry is featured in their necklaces and bracelets. You can find more about them at Email to Janet at Mary Lou can be reached at Give them a call at (760) 985.5432.



When I checked the products offered by Ursula McGrue, I found that she loves pink and black combinations in her jewelry creations.


Newest vendor -- Ursula McGrue

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

Although just getting started in crafting and selling to the public, she is a military wife and always on the move. This is her way to make a few new friends and some extra money while stationed in the High Desert.

She always has her Facebook page at to bridge the miles between customers. Contact her by phone at (913) 702.4986.


Variety of Styles

Variety of Styles









A wife and husband team, Candee and Bob Paredes, find that each can provide what’s needed to take a raw mineral specimen, grind, cut, or polish it to make it ready. That’s what Bob does.

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

And Candee takes it to the next level creating some awe-inspiring stones mixed with beading and weaving. With their unique artisan designs and creative concepts, Plumdragon attracts many admiring customers.

Another of their products is the highly praised wire-wrapping of fossils pieces into a variety of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Called amolite, these can be used in a variety of ways to show off their color and shape.

I asked where the idea of “Plumdragon” came from. Candee said it was her favorite color — plum — and collectible — dragons. I should have guessed. You can reach them by phone at (760) 617.7051 or by email


Vintage Designs by Angel

Vintage Designs by Angel

It seems that every crafter using gem rocks, crystals, and beads can develop their own unique design ideas. One that stands out is Liz Dyson who offers natural cut glass and naturally ground glass art pieces tumbled from the sea. She likes to collect glass that she can work into statement pieces with striking light and color.

Her designs caught the eye of other fine art artisans who recently asked her to join their guild. With recruitment like that you may see some of her designs in more shows in the future. Liz also likes to embellish wine bottles with woven bead overlays that really make a statement as a gift to a wine lover.  Making unusual designs is her forte. She can be reached by email at or by phone (909) 660.9128.

If you visited any of these vendors recently, let them know you liked what you saw by commenting here or contact them directly.

Rusty LaGrange


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