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Two Gals Making Soaps = 2 Pretties’ New Venture


Along the sidewalk at the Santa Fe Trading Craft Show were two young ladies selling their hand-crafted soaps and lotions for sensitive skin. Each one found on their own that certain ingredients cause skin problems; they also had the same first names: Shannon. They formed a new partnership “2 Pretties” and sign-up for the craft show as first-timers.

Shannon Welsh and Shannon Culverhouse first-timers to vend at craft show

Shannon Welsh and Shannon Culverhouse first-timers to vend at craft show

Shannon Culverhouse and Shannon Welsh not only make soaps but also toothpastes, deodorants, body mists, and essential oils. They’ve researched their products and tested with friends and family to solve sensitive skin issues they shared. Children can also use these products on young their skin. With friends and family consistently asking for more, they created a combined business. Prices are modest because they know how people need better skin care but avoid the pricey over-the-counter products.

To contact them call 760.532.0490. Their website is: www. or email And tell them you heard about them at High Desert Blogging.

Rusty LaGrange

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