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April is Poetry Month

Writer/Poet Mary Langer Thompson

Learn how to write poetry from
Mary Langer Thompson, Poet/Writer

I love April, not only because of springtime, Easter, and Passover, but because it’s National Poetry Month, founded in 1996, to show poetry’s importance to our culture and lives.

Here are a couple ways you can celebrate:

  1. Read a poem every day.
  2. Order a free poster from the American Academy of Poets (
  3. Participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30, 2015.

But the best way you can celebrate is to enter our poetry contest. Because it’s spring and you can go to a new or favorite area, the theme is “Place.” It can be a tourist spot, a sacred spot, or even home. Tell us what it means to you in a poem not exceeding one page (saved in a Word document).

There is no entry fee. Please email your submission  by April 20, 2015, 11:59 p.m. to with “Poetry Contest” in the Subject and include your name and email with your poem.


1. $15 Barnes & Noble gift certificate

2. $10 Starbucks

3. Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson

Here’s my most recently published poem from The San Gabriel Valley Quarterly:

Viva Venice, Las Vegas

We’re staying closer to home
these days
and it’s okay
because it’s just like being there,
except better,
and quieter,
except in the casino.
There are no annoying pigeons,
no rats about to bob their heads
next to our gondola.
So what if the jester dolls
are made in China and there’s no
St. Mark in the Square?
I stand on the simulated Bridge of Sighs,
look through the clear, shallow water.


Mary Langer Thompson

Poems in Water by
Mary Langer Thompson

Click below to order Poems in Water:

Mary Langer Thompson’s poetry appears in various journals, anthologies, and writing textbooks. Her first collection of poetry, Poems in Water, is available on

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