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Taben Bridge

I don’t have any pictures of the Taben Bridge. When he left the Army my Uncle Peter was unable to locate the picture. He did tell me the story about the Taben Bridge.

It seems that in the summer (or fall) of 1944 the US Army Air Corps had bombed the Taben Bridge. In the beginning of December 1944 Uncle Peter was briefing several generals (George Patton was one of them). Gen Patton asked him “How long will the Germans last in the Saar/Mosel Triangle.

Uncle Peter told me he shouldn’t have bragged to Patton, but he told him “I know how many belt buckles Jerry has. They won’t last two weeks.”

Three weeks later the Germans were fighting as strong as ever. Patton’s aide told Uncle Peter that the general wanted to see him at 1300 the next day, he needed to bring an explanation of why he was wrong about the Germans being able to continue fighting.

I will look at my files and see if I have anything that might be of interest.

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