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Get Organized in January 2015 – It’s Not Too Late

January Organizing

January Morning Motivation

New Year. Resolutions. A new start. Organize. Those thoughts are shared by many at the beginning of a new year, but how many people actually follow through? We have good intentions of accomplishing those New Year’s resolutions of making a new start and organizing before the end of January arrives. If you haven’t  started your organizing this month yet, you still have time.

January is the Get Organized Month. Need help getting organized? NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers offers tips on organizing, time management, and productivity. Maybe all you need is a little motivation. Working on taxes, dusting, cleaning the home office are some of my most-dreaded tasks. There are a few simple measures, however, that make these tasks not seem so insurmountable.

Listed below are great motivators on a cold January weekend morning:

  1. Warm up the house.
  2. Make coffee, or heat water for hot tea.
  3. Turn on instrumental music.
  4. Sit and enjoy your hot beverage while reading your daily One-Year-Bible, a favorite chapter from Psalms or Proverbs, or several pages from a book you’ve been wanting to catch up on.
  5. Cook up a hot breakfast.
  6. Serve breakfast in bed to your spouse.
  7. Serve yourself breakfast at a cozy spot while jotting down your goals of what to organize.
  8. Set an alarm for one hour and organize without stopping until the alarm goes off.
  9. Invite a friend for lunch or dinner.
  10. Make a goal to organize one task, large or small, per day until the 30th day of January – celebrate January 31st!

Which categories are you wanting to get organized in? Making new food and fitness habits, cleaning out the closets, dusting, preparing taxes? Write it down, add it to your smartphone notes, set an alarm as a reminder, and make it happen.

What measures do you take to get motivated to organize? Share them below in the comment section.

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  1. January 11, 2015    

    I’m a very organized person in my head. And I’m an organizer for clubs and things I do outside my home. But when it comes to inside my home, organizational ideas flit through my head like a wandering bumblebee that gets caught in my car. I pay attention to the bee and even open the windows, hoping it will leave on its own. And, sure enough, that little bee is gone. Then, if it doesn’t leave fast enough, I swat at it until its out. Organizing is agonizing in my home. I’d rather be a bee.

  2. January 12, 2015    

    Organizing for others then is an enjoyable thing for you. That’s about how it is with me at home with a couple of things I don’t enjoy organizing. One of the best ways I’ve tackled those dreaded tasks is to do them 30 minutes then do something I enjoy for the next 30 minutes, back and forth for an hour or two. It has worked well. The problem is I don’t get too enthused about planning more 30-minute organizing sessions. 🙂

  3. January 19, 2015    

    I am trying to organize my home, but it can feel overwhelming when things get too messy. I plan to start in my kitchen. It’s so much easier to put together a meal when I can find all of the ingredients.

  4. January 19, 2015    

    Organizing my kitchen is my priority right now, too! Let’s see how much we can accomplish organizing our kitchens between now and the end of January.

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