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Pink Fuchsia for Autumn Gardens

Drought tolerant Fuchsia

Pink Fuchsia Plant

Pink Fuchsia is fit for a princess’ garden with its jewel-like bead-stems that dangle. Imagine its beauty if it had appeared as Anna’s and Elsa’s favorite flower. A pink and purple jewel in ice. Our daughters and granddaughters would have fallen in love with the flower beauty, don’t you think?

My little granddaughter, introduced to Frozen by me, loves Frozen as many girls do. Watching a movie isn’t my favorite thing to do because I tend to fall asleep somewhere in the middle. Frozen? No way did I fall asleep. I loved seeing the movie with my sweet little one-year-old love. She’ll be two next month, and she already knows the names, Elsa and Anna. Let it go are also three words she is very familiar with and loves to sing.

A friend who has been making the cutest little tote bags made a couple of Disney bags. She made a darling pink Frozen one for me to give my little precious for her birthday or for Christmas.


Anna and Elsa

Frozen Tote Bag

Now when I plant more Fuchsia in my garden, I’m sure that Anna and Elsa will be lingering close in my mind as I imagine fancy pink dangling Fuchsia bouquets in ice. However, the plant may not thrive so well in winter though it does grow well in Autumn and in drought tolerant gardens.

Fuchsia in Autumn

My Garden’s Pink Fuchsia


I think I’ll go out and look for more Fuchsia to plant in the garden. Before I do, I’m going over to link up to the fun Pink Saturday where there’s gorgeous pink surprises to behold. See you there!

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