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Catalina Island – So Cal Day Trip

Take a day trip from the High Desert to Avalon – Santa Catalina Island. Traveling I-15 from Victorville, go to Long Beach, park your car, and ride the boat to the island. If you leave Victorville by 6 am, you can be on the island in about three hours.

Catalina Island is a great place to go for a romantic getaway…

Catalina Island Vacation

Romantic Getaway













historical and museum excursion…


Catalina Museum

Walkway to the Catalina Museum

OSS History, Catalina Island

History of the OSS at the Catalina Island Museum


water sports…



sightseeing or shopping…


Catalina Island Shopping

Shopping at Catalina Island, CA


Catalina Island Sites

See the sites on Catalina Island

relaxing at the spa or a hair and nail salon…


Relaxing at a spa

Sara relaxing at a spa on Catalina Island, CA

Allow extra time for a little relaxation and people watching while being pampered at a Catalina Island hair and nail salon where I met Sara (without the “h”). My friend Ann and I had walked by and couldn’t resist walking in to meet the lovely Sara. Ann had noticed Sara at first and suggested that I take a picture. Little did Ann know that I would spend extra time in the shop getting to know Sara and Manicurist Emily so I could blog about them.

The two ladies, Sara the guest and Emily the manicurest, were gracious to allow me the privilege of posting their photos and videos v=Og4ekGNczkI&

When you visit the salon, let Emily or the owners know that you learned about them on Catalina Hair and Nail Salon is located at 205 Crescent Street,  #120A, Avalon, CA at the Metropole Marketplace.


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