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Welcome Fall with the Warmth of Old-Fashioned Letter Writing

The Art of Letter Writing

Old-Fashioned Letter Writing

When was the last time you wrote an old-fashioned letter to a friend or relative in the High Desert or afar and put a stamp on the envelope?

I heard this trivia question asked on KSGN this week: “Ninety percent of teens have never used this – what is it?” The answer is postage stamps.

The need for postage stamp use has certainly declined from the Traditional Generation of the World War II era to the current Generation Y (Why). When you can text and email and pay bills online, snail mail seems pointless.

Letters and messages were delivered by posts (postmen, runners, or couriers) since ancient and biblical times on foot and by animal.

In 1860 the Pony Express was established by stagecoach operators. They carried mail from San Francisco, California to St. Joseph, Missouri. The Pony Express only lasted until 1861.

When people wrote letters in ancient times and up to the 19th century, they used wax seals to keep them secure. This art has not been completely lost, however.

Writing letters to my grandmothers and friends was something I loved to do back in the day. I still have the sealing stamp and two of the colored wax sticks I used to make a seal on the flap of the back of envelopes.

Try out the old-fashioned art of hand-written letter writing this fall. Bring joy to loved ones by hand-writing a personal letter, and seal the envelope with fancy colored wax. If you receive a thank you back, let us hear from you in the comment section.


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