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Eating Nutritious Labor Day Foods

AdvoCare meal replacement shakes

Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

The best part of starting any day off including Labor Day is with a healthy shake. Even chocolate lovers can get in on this healthy way to start the day with an AdvoCare meal replacement shake. Mix the meal replacement powder in your favorite blender with frozen sliced strawberries.

Days go better if you begin with a healthy and clean breakfast, and the cravings don’t seem so difficult to fight. Planning meals ahead of time helps to stay on track with nutritious eating.

No need to miss out on favorite holiday foods. Top Labor Day food-related blog posts include barbecue, burgers, grilling recipes, food trucks, summer recipes, healthy and clean eating. Got any foods to add to this list?

What is clean eating anyway? The term “clean” makes me chuckle when relating it to food. It wasn’t a term used in my southern family’s meal-planning vocabulary. They grew fruit and vegetable gardens and canned and froze the foods for later use. Chickens and beef eaten were grass-fed and hormone free like the kind from Black Diamond meats.

Clean eating doesn’t necessarily mean washing fruits and vegetables though that makes good sense. Cleaning produce thoroughly helps kill bacteria. A vegetable and fruit spray for raw foods can be easily found at your local health food store. Some prefer just using vinegar.

Clean eating is all about consuming the most nutritious whole foods, free of artificial ingredients, and not GMO or processed and refined foods.

clean eating with raw foods

Fresh Cherries












Need help staying on course with daily nutritious meal planning? Search for local whole food groups in your area, or find Facebook groups online dedicated to nutritious eating.


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