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Growing a Community Blog

High Desert Bloggers, Route 66 Molly Brown's

High Desert Bloggers at Molly Brown’s on National Trails Highway











Community blogging in the High Desert reminds me of preachers who start out with the message and go down a few rabbit trails before the amen. You start out with a “message”, mission statement, or goal and along the way think of things that didn’t occur to you at first.

Since the beginning of this blog network, the focus has been on people, places, things, and events of the High Desert. Bloggers meet up in the community and share their expertise. These meet-ups are inspiring. New food blogs have been created like (a blog often written with a comical twist and filled with creative recipes) and (includes incredible recipes for gluten-free eating). An e-book on boiled egg recipes was published. More egg, breakfast, and vegetable recipes are found at the food blog Another blogger and author Monica Gloria


Blogger and Author Monica Gloria

Author Monica Gloria













published a book recently and had a book signing at the Hi Desert Book Oasis Used Book Store. One of our blog administrators has her own children’s traveling museum and has another blog,

Rusty at Pioneer Museum

Rusty at Pioneer Museum













Rabbit trails add, new ideas, and ways of doing things you wouldn’t have thought of before. That’s the way it is with community blogging. Community is all about relationship. You meet people interested in similar interests as you and share ideas.

The interesting thing about a network of bloggers is that there is a greater opportunity to learn from one another’s adventures, ideas, interests, or community events. You have no need to worry about those rabbit trails taking away from the point of the message or purpose of the mission statement and goal. Blending all that the bloggers bring into the network actually can grow the community blog.

Share your experiences of what has worked for you. Communicate that to bloggers in your network. What are some rabbit trails you’ve taken that gave you new insight to the purpose of your community blog?


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