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High Desert’s Heat Can Make You Wish You Had a Jacket?






Can you recall the strange warm weather we had in February this year? I was so frustrated that the High Desert didn’t really enjoy a winter. Sure if you call two weeks of temps dipping into 20s and 30s fulfilling the  required Winter season, then you’re right. Let’s just say it was disappointing.

My closet, especially my coat closet, is full of new coats for the season. Two still have tags on them. I live in So Calif and we’re breaking heat temps for this month!! 93 degrees in Riverside! 78 on my patio in the Mojave Desert, for crissakes!! Talk about the weather never changing… I’d love to see some snow, sleet, rain, even a seagull fly over… anything white so I can wear my new coats!!

Sound a little crazy? Daffy even?  That’s what I wrote about in my blog notes for February. I wanted cold weather; I needed to know the seasons were changing as they were expected to.

No change.

Big Bear flowers

Summer yellow goldenrod in Big Bear

 Now I figure if reverse psychology works so well on children, that maybe, just maybe, I can use reverse meteorology on the Weather.

Who said it can’t be done.

American Indian tribes believed and Rainmakers driving their wagons across the plains believed the weather could be changed. I don’t know what the magic words are or what dance to do, but if I put on a nice parka, and shuffle around the yard a few times, I might attract a quizzical cloud or two.

I know for a fact that hail often falls in summer months due to the disturbance of upper ice-filled clouds colliding with warm updraughts from the desert. I’m seeing a few gather now.

As the summer gets hotter and we’re just now entering the hottest month of August, I’m wearing my poncho and a sweater underneath. The clouds have been building every afternoon. I heard the monsoon weather from Arizona is reaching far into California’s High Desert. Storm warnings are now on the evening news. Do you think it might?

I just came in from wearing my floor-length quilted coat; it’s the one still sporting a store tag. I figure if I keep this up I’ll have snow by September! And even if I don’t get that cold Arctic Blast, we might just get a cold front in two weeks. So mark your calendars.

Now the downside to wearing heavy coats in summer is the amount of profuse sweating that I’m doing. I did plan to lose weight but not this way. And I just noticed the shadows crossing the valley are the type of clouds that will carry ice: I’m sure of it. The upside of wearing coats in summer is that you have “broken them in” — is there a break in time for coats?

storm clouds coming

Dark Clouds over Big Bear

Now that I think of it, rain on my best coat would not be good. I don’t want to ruin it. And I don’t want to send it to the cleaners in summer, that would just be too weird. However, those storm clouds are brewing. Did I hear a rumble?

If you want an icy storm to lead winter into So Cal now, just go put on your newest coat and dance around; it has to be outside, silly. Think of it as a Flash Mob. We can do it!

 Oh, no. I just thought of something I hadn’t considered. By the time winter does officially return to the High Desert, the newest styles will be on the racks. I’ll be wearing the blase last-year styles. My coats will become has-beens, passe, even dare I say, ready for Goodwill.

I’m changing my mind, I’m allowed. I’ll need to write a classified ad: High Fashion Coats & Jackets. Need new homes. Slightly sweaty but still worth wearing to a NASCAR race. If someone spills icy soda on you, the coat won’t mind at all.

shoppers in rain storm

And getting caught in a downpour of icy rain will feel refreshing, right? To the coat and to you.


Rusty LaGrange

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