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Red, White, Blue and Things to Do in High Desert of So Cal

Freedom - July 4th

Photo by G.P. Horn










God bless America! July 4th – a day to show thanks and gratefulness for freedom, our country, our families, another day to live.

Things to do…

Ever made a flag clock? This one was special made by Greg Horn, my other half of 35+ years.

Upcycled flag clock

Red, white, and blue flag upcycled clock











Want to go to an improv show in the High Desert? This group, Funny Bizness, is family friendly and hilarious.

Darwin's A Team, Victorville, CA

Victorville’s Improv Comedy Troupe, Funny Bizness












Want to go vintage shopping July 4th weekend? Look up these places on Facebook for special holiday weekend hours and sales.

antique shopping at Antique Station, Oro Grande, CA

Antique Station vintage shopping, Oro Grande, CA










Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures – closed on July 4th but opens with a giant sale on Saturday, July 5th…


Shopping vintage in Oro Grande, CA

Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures, Oro Grande, CA













Don’t forget to stop by beautiful Carriage House Antiques this weekend…











The Desert Cottage is closed July 4th but open on Saturday, July 5th – lovely place to shop!

vintage shopping at The Desert Cottage

The Desert Cottage, Hesperia, CA










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