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A Memorial Day Week in the Desert

What might one do on a Memorial Day weekend at a desert cabin? I looked up events in the high desert and didn’t see much going on. Owning a cabin in the desert, however, can present plenty to do for someone who loves gardening. The long weekend started off Friday afternoon with important errands. Then the fun began.


Saturday morning I made coffee for the hubby and me then opened the French door curtains and was greeted by a visiting family of a cat and her kittens. I hadn’t even cooked breakfast yet. They were hungry like us, so I made myself busy preparing a meal.
















I made omelets and iced coffee drinks for us and freshly cooked sweet potatoes for the kittens. It was a hit – at least with the kittens. Mama Cat snubbed her nose at it after a few bites, or maybe she was testing the food to see if it was safe for her little ones.

The omelets and frothy iced coffee made the perfect kick of energy for starting off the day.


Iced Coffee












Kitchen Herbs

The holiday week continued with one of my favorite things to do – herb gardening. I like to keep a garden of perennial herbs handy for cooking in the kitchen. Last year I planted a perennial herb that I thought surely wasn’t going to make it. However, it’s taking off quickly this spring and growing as fast as my weeds are. One thing puzzled me, though. I couldn’t find the tag with the information on which herb it is. I took a picture and showed it to a friend. She said it looked like a Lovage herb and told me to see if the leaves smell like celery. Sure enough, it’s a Lovage herb. It smells just like celery.


Lovage Perennial Herb












Other herbs, fruits, and vegetables planted included strawberries, stevia, lavender and garlic given to me by Pattie over at The garlic is planted with the green roots sticking up out of the ground. Oh my, it is taking off really fast. I had never planted garlic before, so I’m excited about how fast it’s growing. There are more vegetables already planted earlier in the spring. Come back for another visit to catch up on the vegetables and flowers.

Have you planted a kitchen herb garden? Which herbs have you been successful with?

Join me over at Fishtail Cottage’s blog garden party.

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