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Children Craft Mother’s Day Cards from the Heart

Mothers Day Card group_05A Simple Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day whirled by last weekend, but for some who don’t have the same day available to share with their Mothers, you can still send a Mother’s Day gift from the heart.



Craft a card with a flair just for her. Moms love getting something that is infused with love. Many web sites are devoted to crafts for paper flowers and 3-D creations. Just like these.
Mothers Day Card
crafted cards
My daughter hosts a craft class for children at our local museum each month. This session included a 3-D constructed woven flower as an embellishment for a “hand-made” card for me. All the children crafted their own cards for their Moms.


It’s a complicated and intricate-looking design but one that is easy for grade school kids to manage.

Rusty LaGrange

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