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Physical Activity for Bloggers

High Desert Bloggers (HDB) Meetup group has been promoting get-away-from-the-computer activities for its bloggers. Group members blog about various topics on their personal blogs then meet at least once monthly to discuss blogging.

The HDB group ventures out to areas and places of the community. The last meetup was held at the Pioneer Museum in Lucerne Valley. President Rusty LaGrange showed bloggers and other visitors the variety of planting tools and equipment used in the high desert back in the day.

Rusty at Pioneer Museum

Rusty at Pioneer Museum














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Bloggers are concerned about what will increase their readership and how to make money blogging, but are they concerned about how blogging for hours without getting up can affect their health? Physical activity is an important factor for a blogger to include in the daily routine of blogging.

It’s easy to sit for hours at a computer and forget to get up to stretch or exercise. One of my blogger friends sets her alarm to schedule time away from the computer – and eats a certain amount of M&M’s. If you’re extra nutrition-conscious, you might consider trying the dark chocolate ones.

You can start your own free physical activity program – right in your own yard. Why pay for a gym membership when you can garden and reap the benefits of natural Vitamin D from the sun? Pulling weeds, digging in dirt, and planting and watering flowers are considered moderate-to-intense physical activity for adults and children.

What type of fitness plan do you work into your blogging schedule?





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