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Getting Rid of Weeds for Spring Gardening – High Desert Arid Zones

Spring planting in the garden

Spring has arrived!

Spring has officially arrived, and so have the weeds! The last good rain that the High Desert had made the weeds grow a foot higher it seemed. Pulling weeds is no fun though it does give one a good work out.

Planting is made easier when the weeds have already been pulled. When Spring arrives, gardeners get anxious to add favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the garden. However, getting rid of the weeds is a must lest they take over the garden.

Hula hoe-ing is much easier when the weeds are small. If they aren’t taken care of then and a rain comes, you may need more than a hula hoe. Weed Eater trimmers can be a great help as well. George C. Ballas, Sr. in Houston, Texas came up with an excellent idea when he invented the Weed Eater trimmer. He got the idea from the spinning nylon bristles used at an automatic car wash.

Once the weeding is done, you can place newspaper (black ink) or plastic down as a covering to keep out the weeds when putting new flowers, fruits and vegetables, and shrubs in your garden and landscaping. Wet the newspaper first. I’ve read that the paper keeps the weeds away better than the plastic does.

Dorothy Stainbrook, on the other hand, hates black plastic and pulls it up from every bed she finds it in. She has a small farm and specializes in heirloom tomatoes and blueberries.

A Southern California gardener who always plants strawberries said he always uses plastic to cover the ground, and small critters and ants stay away from the strawberries.

Hula-hoeing may be impossible in tight spots like near rocks.  Sometimes you just have to pull the weeds with your hands. Wear gloves that foxtails won’t go through.

Killing the weeds can also be done with other simple ways that are chemical-free. Try boiling water, vinegar, or  cornmeal.

What other solutions have you tried in ridding your lawn of weeds?

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