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How Will You Change Life in the High Desert?

“Inspiring Change”, the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD), which took place four days ago, is not just a flashy thought for one day. The idea of change can come on slowly and percolate into a movement or it can appear suddenly as an inspirational thought with momentum.

What Would You Change?  

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Today, organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations, and the media all celebrate the day in different ways, usually incorporating the annual theme that the United Nations declares. Previous examples of such themes include action to end violence against women and empowering rural women to end hunger and poverty.

The events happening around the UK this year – of which almost 400 have been logged on, is outstanding.  About twice as many as are planned in the United States – and could hardly be more varied – ranging from conferences and talks to comedy events, dances, and afternoon teas.

 What’s In It For You?

Sometimes it’s just the first kernel of a thought that becomes the motivation to do something. All motivators are not equal  fewer ever amount to much. But of those that are acted upon, it can make a change.

I would like to see a regional magazine in the High Desert that offers our community of writers a platform for change, motivation, showcase, and communication. Some magazines have come and  gone over the years. Technology has changed, too. I have in mind a magazine focus that I will work on. It will be in digital format with a subscription base to allow for growth. I have yet to work out the details but I have the background to create it and make it happen. With years in journalism, editing and writing, I’m certain it can happen.

Stay tuned as my inspiration for change Vintage West magazine – grows from an idea to a dream to a possibility for writers and readers in the High Desert of Southern California.

 Rusty LaGrange


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