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The Gift of Newness – a High Desert Blogging Writing Contest Honorable Mention

Ann Miner Heimback photoThe Gift of Newness by Ann Miner Heimback won honorable mention at High Desert Blogging’s September 2013 writing contest.

Congratulations, Ann!

The Gift of Newness

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart;

I will tell of all Thy wonders. I will sing praise to Thy name, O Most High!

Psalm 9:1-3

It’s early morning and the pale sun stretches across the tips of the greasewood, as my front yard awakens to another day. Two cottontails, frolicking like kittens, play hide and seek in the shiny green brush. The morning train snakes through the valley, wailing its greeting – two longs, a short, a long…waaaah waaah wah waaah!

It’s Indian Summer. I know that’s so when I see white-crowned sparrows and juncos mingling with the other greedy birds at the feeders. They are the first to signal the cooler season, and their return brings me joy.

The change of seasons offers freshness…another opportunity to put away things of the past and move forward to new ones. Another chance for really delving into that new bible study, for planting those new bulbs, for enjoying the stillness of home as the children return to school. Another chance for goodness. Another chance!

Who else but the Lord could design such a pattern of seasons in our lives, with all the good and not so good that come with them. We have an opportunity to learn from every one.

What season of my year — of my life — am I in? What am I to learn from it? How am I to react?

Then Comes the Winter

On the first day of October, I pulled on my warm, fluffy robe, slid into my cozy slippers and schlepped out to the living room. I was about to turn on the fireplace to take the Fall chill out of the air when I noticed the temperature on the indoor thermometer. It was 70 degrees! Well, it had been a hot summer.

October in the High Desert is the most beautiful, rewarding month of the year for me. Cool nights, warm days, clear skies. Perfect for working outside. Time to harvest for Fall. Time to plant for Spring. Soon the roses must be pruned.

But for now, for today, I will sit in the sunshine on the swing by the tinkling brook, and watch the bunnies nibble on the melon rinds I left on “their” rock.

I will close my eyes and listen while birds fuss over breakfast and crack open the sunflower seeds in the feeders.

And I will praise God for the wonder of it all. It is the Fall of my life, too. Much is behind me, but there’s so much more ahead. I am warmed by the thoughts of all that My Father has bestowed upon me. And I am excited for what He has placed before me.

Winter is coming, and I am ready for it.

There is a future for the man of peace. Psalm 37:37


Ann Miner Heimback is a freelance writer, speaker and workshop leader. She writes a column for the local newspaper to educate the public on Parkinson’s disease.

She has been a member and served on the boards of the High Desert Branch of California Writers’ Club, Southern California Conference on Prayer and Healing, and Supporting Women In Ministry (S.W.I.M.), International. She is a member of the San Diego Christian Writers’ Guild.

Ann lives in Apple Valley, California.

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