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Blog Changes in January


Every January is another beginning. I happen to like January. My birthday is January 8th. FYI, it’s the same birthday Elvis Presley had.

People often talk about how they don’t want anymore birthdays. My mother-in-law used to say she was 29 every year. I look at it this way. It’s good to celebrate another birthday and enjoy life.

Beginnings are good. Change is good. Maybe not easy, but good. I’ve experienced new beginnings and changes in blogging plenty of times. For instance, I began almost three years ago in March. Later I began a blogging group with My last computer slowed down on me, and I purchased another and had to learn Windows 8 after being used to Vista.

You can be assured that if you’re going to be a blogger, you’ll be introduced to change over and over again. Already there’s the rumor of Windows 9. You know the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” In the case of Windows 8, it can definitely use some fixing. Never did I have to be distracted by the Vista mouse and cursor being so sensitive. Now I’ll be blogging and all of a sudden, somehow the font size changes.

It happens like this. I’ll be thinking of what to type next. The cursor seemingly floats over to the three-line “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon and chooses the zoom for me. Did I tell it I couldn’t read the font or something? Another thing that happens is the four S’s and D ruler, as I call it, appears when you don’t want it and won’t show up when you need it. It’s the Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings icons on the right side of my keyboard. When you want them, you can hover over the right side all you want and they won’t appear. Try to get them to disappear, and they’ll tease you  by popping up continuously, distracting you from your blogging.

Bloggers get used to particular platforms like WordPress or Blogger and social media like Facebook. Then the people in control of the platforms or social media decide it’s a good time for a change. Yes, change happens, and there’s not one thing you and I can do about it but learn the new way of doing things.

If you’re new at blogging or a business owner who wants a blog but don’t have a clue what a platform is or the least thing about social media, you have two choices. Learn about them, or hire a blogger to blog for you and advertise on social media for your business. You can learn how to blog, learn which platform is best for you, and learn all about social media. Learning how to do these is not hard but takes time. You may have the time to learn and want to get started. Choose a workshop or class hosted by Plan now in January to learn how to blog. Platforms and social media are included in the workshop and classes.

Are you a high desert business owner needing help with blogging or advertising? Contact Angie at to find out more information on hiring a blogger. Ask us how you can get in on our new advertising special for local businesses in the high desert.



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