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How to Blog When Your Laptop is Not Working

Blogging has been a huge challenge for me the last two weeks. My laptop stopped working. My solution for this dilemma? Listed below are a few ways I solved the problem:

  • Ask a blogger friend to blog for me.
  • Spend the time I normally use to blog on reading and writing.
  • Enjoy meeting with fellow bloggers and writers.

When your laptop (or whatever electronic device you use for blogging) stops, you suddenly are faced with a choice. Get the laptop fixed or buy a new laptop. Ever heard of doing business the lean way? Lean in my case this time means fix the laptop and hold off on purchasing a new one. Such a decision also means finding a friend who can fix the laptop problem. Supporting your area’s RelyLocal computer repair business may not be the perfect thing to do. Sometimes you’ve gotta figure out the problem yourself.

Now what does one do to blog without a laptop?

  • Go to the library.
  • Use your friend’s computer.
  • Blog on your 15-minute break and lunch at your day job if allowed.
  • Ask a blogger to blog for you while your laptop is being repaired.

Can you think of other ways to solve the blogging-without-a-laptop situation? What are ways you’ve managed to keep up your blog when your laptop stopped functioning? Share your comments below.


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  1. October 20, 2013    

    If you have a Smart Phone you can email a short blog post to a friend who can post it for you as an attachment. I think it works. If you have a fax machine you can write a post long hand on paper, fax it to a friend and have them type it in for you. It’s good to have Guest bloggers who can bail you out when you just can’t find the time to blog. Life happens, right?
    If all else fails, go buy chocolate and watch TV in you favorite chair… never fails.

  2. Donna's Gravatar Donna
    October 26, 2013    

    Good response…but I changed the ‘chocolate’ to Cocoa Nibs, directly off the cocoa tree (I believe). It’s not processed and even better, it’s a Super Food! So ‘healthy junk food’ is good too!

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