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Fighting Off the Blogging Vampires

When you create a blog, design it and then post regularly to it, it becomes part of your work schedule. Whether you blog several times a week, once a week or once in a while, it still is yours to manage.

You have some protection in the blogging format you use, whether you have an  ISP provider or own a template for your own blogging website. Hackers are everywhere. Like Vampires sneaking around at night trying to infiltrate any bit of software they can find. Why do they attack a basic, middle-of-the-road web site?

Because they can.BLOG-letters-in-lead

Your best garlic-defense against these vampires is to change your passwords several times a year. You can also ask your provider to review your web site process to see if you have easy hacker-access. Most will be diligent to keep your site secure. Sometimes you may need to purchase protection from your provider by upgrading your standard package.

But what happens when the computer you use is attacked by a series of angst-ridden pleas for help from a “friend stranded in the Philippines” … a common phishing email hitting many email addresses in the High Desert? What happens when you find your blog posts have been redirected to another location that you have nothing in common with? And what happens when someone posts a full-page advertisement on your site for a pricey diet formula that you’ve never heard of?

Yes, these have happened … to the chagrin of web site owners.

Sometimes vampires just lurk at night and never return at the light of day. Some of these high-jacking problems can be fixed by reloading your posts, or changing your password access, or stripping back the number of guests that you allow on your blogging web site. Have a conversation with your technician at your ISP location, wherever that might be.

As you learn to manage your blog and all the maintenance that comes with it, you might wonder why you even bother. But please be diligent and secure your site, your computer, and your email by using standard protection available from vendors,  your ISP or filters for your email.

The benefits of blogging will help you construct a stronger presence on the web, will help you develop more links among other businesses, and define a stronger platform for your voice and the services you provide.

Beat back the vampires with better anti-virus protection, password security, and a dash of garlic.

 Rusty LaGrange

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