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Coffee Cup Fabric: a Giveaway by High Desert Blogging

Breakfast Photos

“Breakfast” by Cristen Velasquez

Breakfast is made better with coffee. You can have one without the other. Coffee drinkers who never eat breakfast, however, are missing out on a healthy day’s beginning.

Not all agree that breakfast and coffee are needed, but many bloggers do. Ask one who works all week on a day job and gets up on Saturday mornings to start blogging. Crackling sounds from the coffee maker with Kona coffee bean aroma is too inviting to pass up. Beginning with a cup of coffee then eating a hearty breakfast like the one in the “Breakfast” photo by Cristen Velasquez will satisfy hunger and keep the snack cravings away. Coffee and breakfast can be indulged in at different times, of course. Brunch is certainly an option if breakfast seems too early.

Bloggers have favorite blogging spots, foods, and beverages they enjoy when blogging. Writing a blog post seems to work better with a cup of coffee nearby. The favorite spot for a work-at-home mom might be a corner desk with a window view. Libraries make a good place to type posts, but coffee isn’t usually allowed. Coffee shops, however, make it convenient for anyone to sit at a table while drinking a specialty coffee, savoring a pastry, and typing on a laptop.

Coffee and blogging. Sound good together, don’t they? Either the two fit because the coffee makes the brain cells work better, or the coffee is a type of comfort that the blogger needs for inspiration. Think of a favorite comfort coffee or breakfast entree and share in the comment section below.

Coffee lovers, here is your chance to enter a coffee cup fabric giveaway hosted by


Coffee Cup Fabric Giveaway

Coffee Cup Fabric

 How to enter giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment: share your favorite blogging spot, breakfast item, or coffee flavor that you like to indulge in when you blog.
  2. One entry allowed per person.

Coffee Cup Fabric Giveaway Ends 6:00 pm CST, Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Coffee Cup Fabric = approximately 14″x54″

The fabric is burgundy and gold.

Coffee Cup Fabric Giveaway now closed.

Congratulations to winner, Bev Prine!

Enjoy touring Pink Saturday with me where bloggers share their

blog posts and pretty pink fall photos.



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  1. October 5, 2013    

    Any brand of Colombian Supreme coffee or flavored I like. Breakfast is my my main meal. After I have it, I take cup of coffee with me to my desk near a window and do my blog. Someone will be very pleased with this win whether they drink coffee or not.

  2. October 5, 2013    

    My favorite place to blog is in my sun-drenched living room, snuggled in my comfy chair with the lap-top. Mornings are the most creative time of day, and that is when I have my coffee in my favorite mug. Whole-bean and freshly ground Costa Rican coffee is my favorite, with caramel flavored creamer. I would spend more mornings like this, if the real-world would not get in the way!

  3. October 5, 2013    

    Thank you, LaVoice, for your comment! I love breakfast and coffee, too – especially on Saturdays.

  4. October 5, 2013    

    Sounds cozy. LOL at the real world getting in the way! Thank you for commenting.

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