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Effects of Procrastination on Entering Writing Contests


Is it easier to write early for a writing contest or wait until the last minute? If the writing contest held at in September is any indication, I’d say that writers find it easier to wait until the last minute. The writing contest ended September 30th. Entries continued to come in at the last hour. The writing contest was open all month. But writers responded to the contest in a way they are known for doing – by procrastinating.


Procrastination doesn’t necessarily mean that a writer isn’t capable of writing good material the last two or three hours before the deadline. Something about that deadline nags at their conscience. Writers know they can break past any writers block if they sit their posteriors in a chair and focus. Focus on opening a laptop and typing thoughts. Pushing away reminders that writers block was hovering only moments earlier, the writers ignore the temptation to stare at a blank screen. Adrenaline kicks in. Words, sentences, and paragraphs tumble onto the screen. Finally, entries are made. The contest ends. Writers wait for the announcement of winners.

Next Writing Contest Held at This Blog

The September writing contest was the beginning of planned events held at this site for bloggers and writers. Another writing contest will be held on this blog through October 31st. If you didn’t get in on the last one, you have time to enter the next one. Hint: procrastination can also hinder a writer from winning a writing contest. Get a head start on entering submissions for October.


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