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Crazy For the Taste of Pumpkin

Oh, Pumpkin Patch!

The weather changed overnight.

I cruised by our largest commercial pumpkin farm in Apple Valley on Bear Valley Road near Deep Creek Road. And it’s getting close to that time when the gates are opened and families pour in to select their favorite future Jack O’Lantern.

A little crispness in the night air and I find myself sepatch 02arching through my boxes of  Halloween decorations.  Have you dug through your utensil drawer for that serrated carving tool that makes creating the scariest face a breeze?  Have you sipped the first pumpkin-flavored latte at your favorite coffee shop, even though it was nearly 100 degrees outside? Have you pulled out your favorite Pumpkin recipes? Have you secretly wished for frost?

I know you have!! I bet you even took a whiff of “pumpkin spice” from your kitchen spice rack.

While you’re excitement level is at an all-time high, since the doldrums of a humid summer, why not share your favorite Pumpkin recipe right here. Check out the new Pumpkin Recipe Contest. Go to the blog post for Sept 16th and select a bold text title from the last paragraph. (To make it easy, I’ve posted the titles here for you…) Yummy titles such as Pumpkin Delight, Pumpkin Bars, Pumpkin Chocolate Cake, and Pumpkin Cheesecake remind families that holidays are coming soon.

Post your favorite Pumpkin recipe and you just might be seen sipping a winner’s-grinning-smile of Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks!

Excuse me while I take some Pumpkin muffins  out of the oven … and eat every last one!

Rusty LaGrange

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