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Recipe Ideas for Chicken Grilled on a Charcoal Grill

Home cooking is often done on the grill during summer. Reasons vary, but one is due to full-time employed moms and dads who don’t feel like coming home to cook on a hot summer day. That is especially true for the High Desert folks who travel daily up and down the hill to their jobs and back home every evening. The dilemma is solved by grilling up a large batch of meat on the weekend, enough to last for the week. No worries if you don’t have a fancy grilling machine. A simple charcoal grill works fine.

Chicken works great for grilling for the week. Steak and hot dogs taste good grilled, too, but it’s easier to come up with more chicken recipes than steak recipes. Compare the three. Steak. Steak strips on a salad. Steak sandwiches. Hot dogs. Hot dogs on buns. Hot dogs in chili. Hot dogs in Ramen Noodles. Chicken. Chicken sandwich. Chicken salad. Chicken soup. Chicken chili. Chicken burritos. Chicken tacos. Chicken tostados. Chicken and cheese omelets. Chicken and veggies on a bed of rice. Chicken and dumplings.

You can choose the steak instead of the chicken, of course. But steak and dumplings? Hot dogs and dumplings? Chicken makes a better choice over steak and hot dogs if you have to eat the same meat every day for a week. Try grilling with hardwood charcoal. Consider soaking the wood in water first, or follow the instructions in the video below.

When preparing the grill, consider using a white onion to clean the grates like this guy does:

Now go grill your chicken, and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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