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Tonight as I drove home from my three hour commute, I received a blessing. You might not think it is a blessing, for the fact that you are on a three hour commute. However, I just use my imagination and what is around me and see the blessing.

As I made the last stretch up the Cajon, I turned off the air conditioning and lowered the window, just a bit. There it was, waiting for me. A small present. Inhale, ahhh. What a little blessing; the smell of rain. In California we seldom get this blessing. I love the smell of rain in the air. I relate this wonderful smell to my childhood, to summer trips to my grandma’s in Missouri. I relate the smell to all that is good and warm.

In the Midwest, rain is eminent when that smell drifts under a doorframe or through a cracked window. Yes, I love everything about the smell of rain. Creeping, softly through my window, makes me close my eyes and inhale deeply. Relaxes, makes me sleepy, relaxes my body, tickles my nose and if the sound follows I sleep.

I know that some of you high desert dwellers have some fond memories with the smell of rain.  If you can think of any, leave a message for me, I love hearing about your rain experiences.  Summer rain, in the Midwest is usually accompanied by a great deal of humidity, sometimes cools it off but sometimes in the south it makes it hotter.  For me, I love the rain, whether it be in the desert, the Midwest or the South.  Do you love the smell of rain, are you relaxed, does it make you sleep, are you relaxed?

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