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If you’ve ever had to look for employment, or if you are looking now, times have changed. I’m a little too old because I remember how it was done in the past. When you wanted to look for a job, you got out the newspaper, looked in the want ads for employment, circled the ones that applied to you, got in your car and drove to the destination to put in an application. If you got lucky, or made friends with the secretary you might just get an interview on the spot.

Well, it’s a whole different ball game today. Today, you can’t just waltz into an establishment and fill out an application. Today it’s all about the computer. Look up a job online with a keyword, an establishment, or an agency such as Monster or

Some of the plus sides of online submission is that you can apply for as many jobs as you can sit through in one day. I mean sit through, because many application processes are lengthy, more than an hour of psychological questions asked the same way, over and over.

I see the downside of today’s application process as being very sterile. There is no interaction between humans during this process. You will receive an e mail that they have your application. Who has your application? Where does the application go? How long will it be before you get a response? These are all very valid questions.

All I can say about this new way of job hunting is apply for as many jobs you can apply for, every day! Happy job search.

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  1. July 19, 2013    

    I must admit job searching is crazy. I always have a home -based business to fall back on, but even this is not doing well. People are tightening their belts in every industry. I left the 9-5 world four years ago and collected my unemployment checks, just like everyone else. I was confident I could find another job.

    I spent many of those hours filling out application forms that didn’t seem to go anywhere. It’s so impersonal now. And, it seems the larger the company, the more gatekeepers to sneak by.

    Home -based businesses are the next step on the Internet. It’s been growing very fast. As Mother Love says, you must be very cautious about scams. For every new business there are a dozen just trying to take money without giving you anything in return. Beware!

    If I run into any scams you can check out and see if I have posted any bad deals I’ve come across.
    Good LUck with your search.

  2. mother love's Gravatar mother love
    July 20, 2013    

    Rusty, thanks for linking to your blog and letting the readers know that their other people in the high desert concerned about this subject. I can see that you have also experienced the impersonal black hole of job search where a person does not even know where their application is going. In this respect you receive an automated e mail with no where to follow up, no phone number or real life person to follow up with. Okay we’ll keep trying, thank you for your post.

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