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I don’t know about you but I’m amazed at the high desert people. Reading everyone’s post on High Desert Bloggers makes me think about the amazing people we have in our community. There’s writers, there’s gardeners, cooks, friends and family. I’m amazed at the talent we have here and the versatility of the people living in the high desert.

This week has been an exciting week in the desert and so much has happened in three short days. For each and everyone of you that has gone to school, and sweated their grade, that would be me. Normally, I get A’s and high B’s but not in this class. Tough, tough instructor and by the end of last week, I thought “Oh my goodness,” I might not pass. Passing in a doctorate is nothing less than a B. You can’t get a C only B and above.

That’s how much I worried about a tiny little thing like a grade. Nail biting, etc. no need. I should be worrying about my neighbor. I should be worrying about the man and woman I talked to in Wal Mart at 11:00 p.m. asking for money, with a small child by their side, or the mentally ill patient on the street, because he or she is confused about what medication to take.  Such thoughts cause contemplation about  the meaning of my life and it’s importance.

I thank the proprietor of this blog, because here we can talk about the High Desert, and contemplate on how to build our community and make it better. Every day I see cars that turn off the 395 unto dirt roads that don’t even have a sign to the destination and sometimes I think we are like those cars, driving with an unknown destination.

I’m going to think about my path and which turn in the road it will take.

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