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This evening I got to run into someone I knew. This is one of the phenomena that I enjoy about living in the High Desert. When that happens, I’m reminded how we are a metropolis living in a small town. By that I mean we get the blessing of running into people we know. Down the hill that almost never happens. If I go to the grocery store down the hill, there is almost no chance that I will see someone I know. But here in the high desert,  I can see my neighbor, or someone I know from church, or a club meeting at the same grocery store, because it’s the only grocery store in the neighborhood. Chit chatting with a neighbor makes me feel like I did in my childhood. We knew everyone in the neighborhood and everyone knew us. That type of atmosphere made it next to impossible to do bad things without someone knowing you did it.

The news is full of information, most is scary and we don’t want to think about it.  Killings, rapes, etc. and no one knows who did it because no one knows each other.  When I was growing up, we knew if there was a stranger in the neighborhood, we knew if Sharon went to the market or if John was watching his children.  We didn’t have to guess what was going on, we knew.  Rarely did something happen that someone didn’t see.  Now the news is filled with strange things happening and no one knows a thing about them.

Living in the high desert, grows on me everyday.  Even the heat and the cold of the winter doesn’t seem as drastic as it did when I first moved here.  The desert grows on you, the beautiful sky, the sunrise and sunsets, the huge moon and the stars that shine at night.  Here I’m reminded that there are still people who have time to say hi, stop and chit chat about their day, and keep watch over events in the neighborhood.  The news is full of negative feedback and all the newscasters seem to report only the controversy, the horrific, and the political.  I’m wondering what happened to the cute little story of the past.  Maybe they should spend some time in a small town atmosphere, like the High Desert?   Maybe, they should come down to pleasant!


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