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The poetry books are full of poems about rain.  I love Rain and I love poetry about rain.  Here’s one by Emily Dickson, one of our favorites.  Thanks Emily.


Like Rain it sounded till it curved
Like Rain it sounded till it curved And then I new ’twas Wind — It walked as wet as any Wave But swept as dry as sand — When it had pushed itself away To some remotest Plain A coming as of Hosts was heard It filled the Wells, it pleased the Pools It warbled in the Road — It pulled the spigot from the Hills And let the Floods abroad — It loosened acres, lifted seas The sites of Centres stirred Then like Elijah rode away Upon a Wheel of Cloud.
Emily Dickson
Can you hear her story, the rain has character, has a purpose and makes you wonder where this rain is, how you can experience it and why the rain is not visible.  Like rain it sounded, she compares the sound she’s hearing to rain.  I can recall when I was a child and I went to visit my grandparents in Missouri.  There came a terrible storm and the wind was so powerful it sounded like rain.  Emily can hold a reader with nothing but her words.  Powerful, majestic and sometimes puzzling.  Do you agree?
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