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Tuesday at the Heart of Poetry

All you poetry fans, we’re waiting to hear from you.  Are you sitting in the corner and trying to compose your poem?  Did you know that your poem does not have to rhyme.  For me I just naturally rhyme.  I’ve been writing poems since childhood and some moons ago I used to be involved with local poets in Long Beach.  My nickname was The Rhyming Queen of Long Beach.  I was involved and ran several poetry readings and even a poetry theatre in Hollywood.  No it wasn’t that glamorous because it was housed in an old theatre on Hollywood Blvd and the owner couldn’t get his venture off the ground.  I had some fine poets play there, telling their story with poetry.

Tuesday made me reflect on that time in my life because my poetry theatre was every Tuesday night.  Fun, fun, fun was it to come from a long day of working my nine to five job and open the doors to people on Hollywood Blvd to come in and hear the spoken word.  I miss that and if I ever can promote this feeling again I’ll duplicate it.  I tried going online and researching whether or not there are any poetry readings up here in the high desert but everything listed is near to the high desert, 73 miles away by the beach, in Riverside, Fullerton, etc.

The closest thing I found was listed under the High Desert Writer’s Club in Apple Valley which I belong to.  If I could find a coffee shop willing to support a little spoken word I’d be glad to organize, advertise and recruit poets in the high desert.  It has to be a Saturday reading because I drive a long way every day to work.

Here’s my nature pick poetry for the day.

Red Morning

The sun wakes up the sleepy clouds

Parts them softly with her light

Colors glistening beaming through

A red morning, new for you.

By Mother Love

I love morning and poetry.  Leave us a comment and tell us what kind of poetry you love.

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