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Father’s day has arrived.  It’s Sunday, it’s the day to remember father’s and to love them unconditionally the way they have loved you.  In my last Father’s day post I gave all of us some easy, inexpensive tips to honoring our father on Father’s Day.  It’s 7:52 a.m. so maybe you can start cooking that breakfast.

My father was an early riser and it didn’t matter what day of the week it was he still loved the morning hour.  He cherished that quiet time and didn’t care to interact until he’d read his paper and drank coffee.  He’d come alive about 8:00 a.m. which tells you how early he got up.

In his later years he couldn’t drink coffee, due to a heart condition.  He’d still get up, read his paper or a good book and then he’d check his blood sugar and see what he could have for breakfast.  He liked making his own breakfast because then he could get his eggs exactly the way he liked them.  Two pieces of bacon and two eggs, easy over, and one piece of toast.  He was not really a bread fan; he just needed something to sop up his egg yoke.

Sometimes I look at myself and I smile at how much I’m like him.  I love rising early and enjoying the quiet.  No little grandchildren saying, grandma, grandma and no responsibilities except to myself.  I love spending that time, meditating, writing, blogging, or reading a good book.  I’d  add doing my homework, college, but who really wants to do homework?

My father loved the high desert.  He always called it God’s country.  We lived down the hill all of my growing up years but when he moved up here he said this is the place to be.  The sky is clear and blue and a small community is better than a large one.  We are a small community but there is a lot going on in the high desert.  More than we think about.

On this Sunday, Father’s Day Sunday, we reminisce and cherish our Father’s.  Many of us will go to church and we will hold our father’s hand, happy that they are by our side.  Many of us will go home and we will celebrate with food, laughter and family and make Father’s Day memories that we will long reminisce.


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