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Another week has come and gone and there is no rain.  Everywhere in the rest of the country people are wishing for relief from the water, from the rain and the flooding.  Here in the High Desert, we’re parched.  Plants look thirsty, the sky is blue, clearly hot and even the white clouds which float by look like cotton balls in the sky.

I remember back to my childhood and it seemed that California had it’s share of rain.  As a matter of fact the year we arrived in California it rained for many days.  I was in kindergarten and we lived in Downey, California.  It rained so hard my first school day that the streets were flooding.  I stood on the corner and waited for my aunt to pick me up from school.  I looked over from my perch, as I patiently waited, and she could not go through the wall of water with her car.  I remember thinking, I’ll go to her.  I stepped off the curb and from a distance I could see the horror on her face.  The water was moving.  Yes, I had my little rubber boots on but they were quickly filled with water.  I was five.  She stopped her car in the street, got out of her car and proceeded to rescue me.

Growing up I reminisce about many rainy days.  Now it seems that when we have a drop of water, we complain about the traffic, the difficulties, the being late to work.  I for one, look around me and wonder, “Where is the Water?”  It’s hot, it’s getting hotter and my plants are thirsty for some of Mother Nature’s natural sky water.  Oh well, we’d better give them another drink because I don’t see any rain in the sky today.

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