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3 Simple Ways to Improve Traffic Flow to Your Blog

Traffic Flow

Traffic Flow

As a blogger, finding traffic is vital to success. While part of this success comes from a monetary perspective, a big part is much deeper than that. As a former mommy blogger, I found that reaching my audience on a parental level was most important. Second, I looked to provide them with consumer deals. And third, I aimed to improve my own personal finances.

If you have landed on this page the chances are pretty good that you either are currently looking to add followers to your digital space or you are looking to start a blog of your own. Either way, if you are anything like me you are looking to start your own blog based on the many things you have learned through the trial and error adventure we call parenthood.

Submit Your Blog

I am not talking about anything fancy. Submit your site to the different search options that people use to find credible sources of information. Most search engines such as Google provide a “Submit link” option. Follow the instructions and get your URL involved with all major engines.

Blog Linking

Blog Linking

This doesn’t mean you will automatically appear at the top of the page, it means that your blog will stand a chance when it comes to the competitive world of blogging.

Link to Other pages and Use Keywords Appropriately

This is a big one. This will help you attract random followers that don’t fall in the group of friends you tweet your most recent posts too. By linking your post to your favorite blogs you will increase awareness in the community. This could be big for you as we are wonderful at promoting one another.

Use keywords contextually. Don’t randomly throw out a coupon code without it fitting in with your back story. For example, I recently wrote a guest post for another blog that spoke about a camping trip my family had taken. In the post I made sure to add in a link to a coupon for L.L. Bean. Readers were thankful for the savings as well as the content, making them much more likely to come back.

Don’t overload your posts with links and keywords. This will be considered spamming and could cause your blog to be removed from Google completely.

Don’t be Afraid to Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Killing Two Birds at One Time

Killing Two Birds at One Time

As a general rule post quality content frequently, but sometimes it is important for you to multi-task your articles. If your site is setup to focus on all matters of the family you can incorporate savings, sales and coupons in with a story that mothers can relate too. Thus you are providing insight into your life while offering them beneficial tips.

Not every post will cater to each person individually, but if you tell a story about saving money or incorporate money into a story about a temper tantrum you may reach a broader audience. Does that make sense?

For example, I could write a story about my Christmas traditions. This is a great read for someone interested in my personal life. However, some people don’t care about that. For them I would suggest viral sales. Oh you haven’t heard yet? Well turns out some ads get prematurely released causing a frenzy over Black Friday leaks online. This is current news and one many of you will flock too. I could title this article “How Early Leaks of Black Friday Deals Changed My Christmas Traditions.”

See how I just killed two birds?!

By doing this you are opening up your schedule to engage on other blogs, using social media to promote or to write additional content.

I hope you have found this helpful. At the end of the day, you control your destiny. Through hard work and a mission to help others you will find success. Just remember that success can be measured in a multitude of ways!



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