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Evolution: What Is Blogging?


Early Man's Need for Blogging

Early Man’s Need for Blogging

Early writers on the Internet wanted to share their views and be seen. Many were already writing in their journals or conversing with others on the first bulletin boards. But something was missing.

As the computer industry began to upgrade its software and develop its early social connections, those who loved journaling indicated that there might be a better networking option. Remember, too, that back then no one was allowed to sell or promote on a social web site. They were allowed only to log their experiences or share ideas.

web + log =blog

Logging and web creations morphed into what we all know today as blogging. The word itself was considered low class due to the insignificance of compressed words, like web + log =blog. It was the early 90s before anyone would truly admit to being a blogger. Blogging was still relatively new. So even the terminology was developing.

Then as the marketing clout of large corporate web sites began to blur with smaller independent marketers who were learning how to establish a presence, advertising restrictions for bloggers began to lift.

tricky business

Now that another 15 years have raced by, bloggers are on equal terms with content marketers, authors, International businesses, major catalog stores, and non-selling journals. Email marketing took a large hit a few years ago when consumers began drowning in advertising blasts. Marketing for consumers was a tricky business.

Even new or established businesses that didn’t have a web site could see the writing on the wall.


Blogging for business rose in popularity only because it was easy, quick, direct from the company owner, and unregulated as far as the frequency of posting a blog entry. Consumers could decide to subscribe to particular blogs that they had a strong interest in. Much less invasive. That made consumers feel like they were in control again.

Next up, “Why Blog? Blogging as a Business.” Please leave your comments here, and if you are living in the High Desert, join us today and Monday at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville from 2-10 pm at the large RelyLocal Business Expo near the Main gates.

Rusty LaGrange

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