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How to Grow a Penny-Pinching Flower Garden

Miniature rose plant

From $1 sale rack to a mini full rose bush

Shopping for flowers in the spring brings pleasure to a gardener, especially if one has a plentiful flower and plant budget. But the gardener who has to penny-pinch must use resourcefulness when planning a flower garden.

Penny-Pinching Ideas for Finding Flower and Plant Deals

Nurseries and home and garden venues might offer good sales, and they have much to choose from. Be sure to check their fifty-percent-off sales rack. Two of my miniature rose plants came from a $1-sale rack at a home and garden store. When I purchased them a couple of years ago, they were both little plants. They’ve made it through the winters, have grown a few sizes larger, and are about to flower again.

Ask a gardener friend if you can have some flower and plants cuttings to start a garden. Put them in jars with water, change the water often, and watch until you see roots growing. Then you can start planting. I have a friend who is an avid gardener. Her front and back yards are magnificent with lavender, yarrow, roses, lantana flowers, various evergreen plants and much more. She offered to give me some cuttings recently, and I’m going to take her up on it.

Another idea is to check with your community garden club. You might find garden enthusiast who are club members who would be happy to share some seeds or cuttings. One garden club member told me awhile back about large bushes in her yard that someone was giving away a few years back. It’s like having and going to yard sales. One person’s trash becomes another person’s treasures.

Check seed packets that you have left over from last year. Also look for flowers and plants at yard sales.

Online Gardening Penny-Pinching Information

If you want to learn how to garden, I recommend a new gardening website I discovered, About, a delightful  website full of gardening how-to information. I like this website because its owner, Yvonne Cunnington, shares her experiences of learning flowers and plants. She gives penny-pinching ideas that gardeners can glean from while growing a garden with a lean pocketbook.

Do you have plants with bulbs – irises or tulips? Hyacinth and daffodil bulbs in containers also add pretty color to a spring garden. Iris bulbs that were all together in a mini garden when my husband and I purchased our place. They were all pulled up and replanted in separate garden areas of part shade and part sun and have done well – and they were all free!

Purple Iris

Purple Iris from My Spring Garden

Gold Iris

My Gold Iris with Raindrops from Last Year













I invite you to leave a comment below. What are your own penny-pinching gardening ideas?




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