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New High Desert Bloggers May Earn as They Blog

About the Blogger “Earnings” tab

If you use Blogger. com as your blog platform, you will be able to host ads on the sidebar organically.

That means that Google’s AdSense program will automatically check your blog, sense the amount of traffic, and assign an appropriate ad to run on the sidebar.

The Earnings tab in Blogger makes it easy to enable AdSense ads on your blog. Once your account has been approved, Blogger retrieves your earnings data so you don’t need to visit the AdSense dashboard to access basic earnings information.

Just visit your AdSense dashboard to access basic earnings information.Blogger Earnings tab for new interface

Click on Earnings.

AdSense Report

Once you start generating AdSense impressions, you’ll begin earning money when people click on ads that appear on your blog. The earnings report (visible when you click the Earnings tab) includes a drop-down bar with Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month, and All time.

Selecting an option will retrieve the relevant report directly from AdSense.

All time

If you’re an existing AdSense user, you’ll notice that Blogger created a new channel (with the URL of your blog) in your account. If you have had AdSense ads on your blog before using Blogger’s AdSense integration to insert ads into your blog, note that All time will retrieve data only from the time you connected Blogger to your AdSense account.

Try it and let us know when the first of your free posted ads show up.

Rusty LaGrange

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