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Copy and Pasting Photos from Pinterest to Your Blog Entry

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New Bloggers have asked how to gather photos and place them into their blogs. I started with because it was, and is, one of the easiest sources to work from.

There are as many photo sources as there are eggs in your Easter Basket. Many photo sources post restrictions and charge for one time use. So please check the web site’s Terms of Use before you decide. For Pinterest, the basic photo collection is scrolling in front of you.  Your eyes lock on to a terrific photo for your blog topic. Great! Now to capture it to add to your WordPress blog post follow these basic steps and you’ll be blogging and pasting with the pros.


To begin, you will have a window open for Pinterest and a different window open for your Dashboard blog page.

In your blog page, where the photo will appear, you will leave your cursor at that point, then go up to the upper edge of your content window and select html (two tabs to choose from: “visual” or “Html” that will change the mode of your photo elements)



You must also be aware that once you learn how easy it is to paste photos, you’ll spend exorbidant amounts of time persusing through pages of photos. Next thing you know, the day has past you by… and you still haven’t chosen your photo!!

Source: via Holly on Pinterest


Leave your blog and locate the photo you wish to use on Pinterest. “Click” on the photo with the left mouse button (not the right or you will get into a different mode)
A new window opens of the photo with a right column.
Click on “Embed” and a new window opens. The html code is what you want. Just place your cursor in front of the coded paragraph and it becomes blue highlighted. Copy it.
Now you have captured the photo.

Return to your blog pane and paste it in. You will see machine coded html stuff. Ignore that.
Switch to the Visual Tab and the blog pane should show your words and a magical new photo with its credit line below it.

After you practice a few times, it becomes easier.

Once you place the photo, you can right click on it to change the size, ratio, add description, tag, caption, and all of those elements that help your photo, blog, and links work together.

Rusty LaGrange

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